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 The natural ballance of the universe part 2

Octubre 15, 2008, 07:39:06 pm
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The natural ballance of the universe part 2
« en: Octubre 15, 2008, 07:39:06 pm »
The wussification of the western male part 2

It was his role to be the natural leader and all of a sudden he is competing with women and often being outperformed by them. They hold higher positions than him in the work environment, etc.
A woman’s power and ‘who she is’ obviously extends into her relationships with men. She expects things. She can take of herself. She is opinionated and goal-oriented. She has taken on the roles that man used to have available to him.
So what does this do to a relationship? Where do I start? At best, our relationships with these empowered women have become 50/50. Even alpha males themselves are caught up in massive power struggles with an independent woman in a relationship.
They are both used to ‘leading’. Obviously this creates drama, turmoil, tension especially after the initial sparks (she’s so much ‘like’ me).
Finding a woman who ‘has it all together’ may seem GREAT when ‘dating’ but unfortunately means that your long-term relationship has AT LEAST a 50% chance of NOT being together.
Even more if you are an alpha male who is very set in your ways and opinionated. She’s become too much like a man. There is no one to suck up all of the drama, energy and light like there used to be...except, the WUSSBOY.
The thing is, I don’t believe all men are supposed to be wussies; I know they aren’t. Nature and evolution and theocracy says they aren’t. Who is the ultimate wussboy? How about a 40 year old virgin?
Take this apply it across an entire country who is confused or intimidated by our independent and GPPS (gold-plated pussy syndrome) or ‘pussy power’ women; then what?
No one would be procreating and we would eventually become extinct. This is a defiance of nature. All species naturally know how to perpetuate themselves without anyone have to teach them. But something called the ‘forced reality’ has changed this.
This social and cultural reality we have placed upon the traditional and biological reality of our grandparent’s generation (and the dominant paradigm in most of the world) has thrown the power balance off and deeply affected man’s behaviour and how he views women.
A wuss is blinded by a woman’s beauty and the constant media exploitation of sex I call
 the ‘blue balls’ syndrome where we can’t get enough). It’s just added value and edification, so men think that anytime they see a hot woman they’re going to want to treat her like a Queen and put her on a pedestal.
I remember I never used to eat candy but during basic training we were put in an environment where it’s ‘value’ was placed so ‘high’ that people would pay 20Euro for a candybar.
After we went through weeks of training and saying we couldn’t have cake or candy, the ice cream truck would roll up to the range we were at and everyone would run over with their hands in the air and rifles still on semi (literally) and gorge out on candy and ice cream.
Can you see the social proof going on here too, ‘everyone else wants some’.
I was aware of what was going on but got in on it too and never had so much candy in my life as Army basic training (and I still ate the least in my squad). Why? It was edified so much and taken away and then we could finally ‘have some’ guys went nuts over it.
This is essentially a forced or added value reality as well which applies in parallel to how men view women...they’re ‘weak’ or have a ‘soft spot’ for any of the sweet sugar.
A wussies emotional response will be very high and uncontrollable because he is operating from the unnatural paradigm of viewing the world; that of the forced reality. He will be nervous, insecure, hesitant, and lose all grounding in his own true self because he is operating in the wrong reality which women don’t respond to.
He is placing too much important on his perception of her beauty (founded from the social exploitation that connects with a man’s inner desire for sex) and placing it all on her before he even knows what she is really like.
This really is selfish. His chance with a hot woman is next to none in our country. Women still want men to be men despite their own ‘sexed up’ appeal.
Women’s behaviours are DRAMATICALLY different than women around the world and I don’t think our men realize this. I have good news: the way she is acting is NOT natural so you can have some comfort there; and this is whether she is even aware of it or not.
More good news; YOU, ME (previously), and other  men behaving like a wuss is NOT natural. It’s all founded upon this ‘forced reality’ we’ve built up and  

is limiting your true success with women AND your long term self-preservation and peace. It’s more than not just being a wuss anymore, you really have to understand ALL of the implications, paradigms and behaviour patterns.
You have to come from a reality which is stronger than the wuss producing ‘forced reality’ that our society has created that is 100% pervasive in our media. It’s hard to ‘be’ different in taming your emotional response if you don’t understand a stronger paradigm that is more closely related to what she responds to anyways.
Let me say that you don’t have to become a student of ‘seduction’ or ‘pick up’ or even be a super geek in order to experience natural success with women.
It’s not just a thriving buzz-worthy subculture that deserve to have dating or relationship success; it’s the majority of the men in Western society and the women as well. In fact, most men although a little tense and desperate for sex (especially with the carrot being waved in front of us all the time) just don’t want to change their own behaviour.
Little do seduction experts realize that they are adapting to our own forced reality while not even being aware of the natural paradigm that women are aching for (real men who lead strong lives who aren’t trying to ‘pick them up’ but) where it happens naturally.
Seduction experts are getting laid but really are just finding effective ways to deal with these women’s high level social persona and how to counterattack it by becoming rejection proof warriors (literally) of this new social dynamic.
Like I said, most men just aren’t ready to go to that extreme in order to be successful, they are just confused. They know that women want to meet ‘real men’ like them but are wondering why they aren’t. Well, it’s because they’re acting wussy and giving her the favour.
These men don’t have to be jerks or bad boys to counterattack not being a wuss (of course that accelerates the biological attraction with these women) but there is a completely different paradigm that no one is seeing which has gotten covered up; that we are ALL naturals.
You can’t be a wuss and to stop being a wuss and truly be yourself, you have to become fully aware of your own inherent right to power and 100 other things. You have the power and the ‘forced reality’ is stripping away your success and a huge chunk of your own balance, placement and lifelong happiness.
Once you understand fully what has been holding you back and realize there IS  

another paradigm that women are desperate for men to be coming from INSTEAD of being wussies (or even pick up artists which they will fall for now and then), and that is that of a natural.
Dewussifying yourself can come through the mass understanding of all of these dynamics’ that even 50/50 relationship counsellors can’t even see because they’re dwelling in the wrong paradigm in the first place.
If you’re not going to go the route of seduction expert to try and ‘get some’ from women, but would rather have them be attracted to you and (like a more natural man anyways) live in alignment with your true self and give women what they want, then you’re going to have to have a massive leverage of change to stop being a wussy.

Surface solutions or the next pick up line just can’t cut it; those are such short term fixes that are variables anyways. Women really respond powerfully to a man who is fully ground and congruent in his reality and there leverage to find these men is GREAT. You have a decision.
Continue on with your behaviour patterns (which aren’t your foundational ‘fault’ so don’t beat yourself up over it, but you’re accountable for) or make the change; the massively leveraged changed and the only one that can bring you back into a level of power and control over your life that you’ve never had yet.
When I achieved this breakthrough all of my fears of women disappeared because I understood everything and how it ‘all fit together’. It is nothing less than seeing the ‘matrix’ because it IS our underlying foundational paradigm which has been clouded over.
You can have this power. With seduction it could take 2 years of intensive in the field experience to develop a persona to relate to women to get success; it’s your call. Combine both if you want but the REAL POWER lies in being a true natural and being your real self without your perceptions of women upfront get in the way.

Wussiness it NOT being a true natural. It’s time to take your power back.

It’s not about being a pure conservative traditionalist but really about understanding why you deserve the power from all of the different angles. If you really want to be around a woman who is ‘your everything’ you need to step back and realize how wussy this really is.
Does she really control your own actions and emotions that much? Are you like this all of the time and how would your behaviour be in the future when you’re actually being your true self?
Taking your power back is all about understanding our ‘forced reality’, the natural paradigm of reality as well as your options (for short term and long term success).
They just really have too many issues to ‘solve’ for the long-term in relationships in order to ‘settle down’ and be like a simpler mother; she just ‘becomes’ with baggage (more like a highly developed man like me except my role IS the provider).
I can’t even give my approval stamp for independent western society women for marriage though they really are awesome people and some of the most fascinating women in the world. Sadly enough many of them really are ‘home wreckers’ without their own knowledge or acknowledgement of it.
I would say that goes for alpha males specifically. If you’re a man who wouldn’t mind some extra drama and challenge in your life and aren’t as strongly goal oriented as others, maybe it might work as 50/50 but it’s all about you having the power and choice; it’s YOUR life.
Ironically a man will be more his normal self in a marriage situation when all of the ‘pressures’ are off only to find out that the pressures are actually ‘on’. Maybe it was like me going through basic training and then thinking things would get better at my unit but it was the worst psychological time of my life. Things were supposed to be ‘ok’, but got worse. Millions of  men have found this out.
How did this come about and are men naturally wussy? Remember the historical truth; female empowerment (stemming from the early 20th century) has thrown off the balance of the natural paradigm of relationships that worked. It is the root cause.
Because women have the opportunities, freedoms men do and in many cases are just as capable or more so than men in different areas, there is at best a balance of power 50/50 and oftentimes completely in her favour. Women are very aware of their power.

So is female rights an issue?
Why do I bring it up? Isn’t it something that we live with and take for granted? That’s the whole point. Despite it’s double-edged sword (or burning the candle at both ends) we have to live with the current state of our society.
However if we can understand WHY things are the way they are, and see something different, you can better live your life in natural harmony and alignment.
This empowerment has thrown off the balance of all types of interpersonal relationships (though we are used to the work environment for several decades now). Her now inherent power extends INTO her relationships. The relationship becomes two people who are unknowingly struggling for power. She has demands and can take care of herself just fine.
Men have become confused as to their natural and expected role as leader of the relationship and have understandably let this confusion oppress them. This has changed their behaviour patterns around women, partly because of intimidation and the high level drama she brings with her and has led to a subtle shift of power.
A man has taken on more feminine qualities in the sense that he has become more ‘wussified’. Our media and society does not help this either. What I call the ‘forced reality’ makes it even harder for men to understand their place in life. Men do not want to be wussies but will often act like it so as not to hurt an independent woman’s social persona.
Media propagation and the portrayal of men in sitcoms is only perpetuating this new identity of the ‘sensitive’ man, essentially being made to fit in a stronger female influenced society. It is also directly or indirectly tied to the number of gay people we have as well as the power of sex and beauty exploitation.
Men are being oppressed through cultural influence and perceptual expectations and when they go home to a go-getter wife who voices more opinions than him, he sinks further into his shell.
It is not directly our fault that we have been ‘wussified’ as a national majority of men, neither is it a woman’s fault that she was brought up to be who she’s part of life that we are used to.
Underneath the cultural ‘forced reality’ which has been built up in the 20th century, lies a traditional paradigm where women are forced biologically to respond to a man who knows how to create attraction in the male first, female second relationship dynamic.

Underneath it all, man still has his biological right to power despite it’s almost complete smearing by our mass media except for a few male role models.
This means, if you can understand a different paradigm; (one in which most of the rest of the world is aligned with) you can live a more naturally aligned life as a man. You can rediscover your own power without shame or confusion and you can BE who you were meant to be while laughing in the face at ‘wussification’ and how it’s unnaturally been holding YOU back from clarity and living your life purposely.
Millions of lives are in relational turmoil because of the opposite effect of part of the greatness of our culture. Families are being torn apart every single day in the western world.
Millions or billions of dollars won and lost yearly in ridiculous lawsuits by ‘victimized’ or ‘gold-digger’ mentalities. Lives destroyed and why? I think you might be seeing it.
Maybe I wouldn’t have to be so adamant if millions of mens lives really were being massively affected.
What about lighter issues such as 40 year old virgins (which is NOT a light issue to those who are it)? What about how women will often reject men before they even approach her? Why do women treat men the way they do?
Why do men dread marriage and often refer to it as a ball and chain? Why do a large number of wives ‘nag’? Is this natural? Keep reading..
Sadly, for our women, if men took all of their power back, women would be disadvantaged for long term relationships because men will find that there are generally FAR more desirable women for marriage than a woman from the developed world woman.
The power right now is currently in women’s favour and massively so for starting
relationships (despite what they may say, they don’t want it to be). Unfortunately
millions of men are limiting their thinking and getting themselves into yet another troubled relationship without understanding ‘why’ or what is really going on.
The European Community has a 50% divorce rate; second to none in the world. We have relationship and marriage counsellors who themselves have been divorced. Everyone is looking at the ‘surface level’ dynamics.
In fact, how we live today is so pervasive or saturated that we can’t even remember what it used to be like or see the real root of the problem. I guarantee you there are grandparents left today that are shaking their heads at what has happened in our society
 and marriage.
How is it that after 57 years of marriage together, my remaining grandmother will still talk to my grandfather after his death (and they had rocky times), when today some women will curse, nag, throw appliances at her husband and take him for ‘everything he’s worth’ in a bitter divorce?
What has changed here? What did ‘MEN’ do to deserve this? Maybe act a little friendly or wussy to her when he met her and then settled into his comfortable own self when they got married? Is this reason alone for the behaviour patterns of millions of European/american wives to nag?
Is ‘money’ really the cause of divorce? What do you think? Money is an inanimate object..too much of anything can be hazardous (ie. water). That’s just an answer our relationship counsellors and others have come up with to try and explain because they can’t see what the real root of the problem is.
And yes it is a problem. Ask the millions of divorced men who were just being themselves in a marriage. Should marriage have to be like this?
I’m here to bring some hope to men but also to explain a little bit about where the wussification came from and the dynamics in our long term relationships with our ‘new’ women. It will be up to you how you deal with it and make decisions in your life.
It’s not your fault no one taught you this before or made you aware. It took me a decade to finally see it after much observation, objectification and insight. I’ve had to step outside our society many times and view things from a different perspective.
Is it a woman’s fault for acting the way she does towards men or expecting so much? She has even more power than men in many cases. It’s how she was brought up. These are great women that are really more like us (and in some cases smarter and more capable), but just have a lot of drama for the long haul that I can’t deal with.
Could you?
What is sad is that most first world men can’t explain why they are so confused when it’s comes to dealing with and especially ‘living with’ first world
 women. In their relationship they do not feel that everything is right.
I will be heavily focusing on marriage relationships here because I want to take you to the ‘end in mind’ so you are really aware of what is going on in our society. I will say  

There is a great leverage of powerful knowledge in the ‘Accelerated Mating Programme’ which will allow you to have natural success with women without having to become a super-devoted PUA (pick up artist) or student of seduction. You will be able to give women what they want as well as more fully understand the global dynamics I am introducing here.
Getting that ebook is a simple solution for the euro-american man to have much more success in ‘dating’ (loosely defined term) women. But the long-term implications of these dynamic women leads to turmoil in at least half of all relationships because the man thought he was supposed to have the power. She can’t help being who she ‘is’.
You can have the power if you so choose to stop any wussy behaviour you have had, clear away all confusion if you open your mind and be more successful in all of your relationships with women while being more naturally aligned as a man.
Men do not want to be repressed; it’s NOT in our nature. Our general wussification is the pure result of the empowerment of women and the changing dynamics it presents.
I have personally felt oppression and wussification while in some relationships with European women...I just stopped being myself around her..the glimmer in the tiger’s eye faded.
This is what our nation of men is going through and they KNOW that something isn’t right but they are having to deal with the challenge and trying hard to make relationships ‘work’.
We’ve all found ourselves ‘going along’ with what our society is and preaches (on feminine power) because it’s now the part of the fabric of our nation and is probably irreversible.
Despite it’s advantages, not until I realized what dire problems this really reveals did I understand why it’s so important. Millions of men are confused when it comes to dealing with women and relationships and especially marriage with our 50% divorce rate.
Millions of families are broken and not because of ‘money’. What is the reasoning behind this? There IS reasoning and up until now it’s just been invisible.

Some pussy-tranced men can’t really see down the road when choosing to be around an ‘exciting’ ‘fascinating’ desirable and drama-ful woman; ‘she’s everything’. They also don’t realize that they’re NOT acting like their real self when meeting her; they’re putting on a ‘nice’ front to try to appease her when she knows what they want anyways.
But further down the road if he chooses a real go-getter, little does he realize his price to pay will be a lot of his own character in the power tradeoff. If she’s the world to you, she’ll probably OWN YOU and there is trouble down the road unless you WANT to be an oppressed and wussified man with nothing better to do than to get your drama and energy from your ‘beauty queen’.
If you’re thinking ‘she’s the one’ and you’d do anything for her, think about the long term implications; is it really going to be like this a year into marriage or are you going to be more who you really are as a man?
Many men are wussified because of our culture so much so that it is part of their character and personality permanently. This is sad but if they want to get their inspiration from a woman who can unintentionally play the lead in the family, then maybe it would work out.
But if the man is strong and the woman is strong, watch out (just look at our celebrities). The signals are really quite obvious and can even begin if she orders something from a restaurant and is extremely picky. There are signs that you can look for by using my ‘fast forward’ technique to prevent future stress.
Why are men often so afraid to ‘stand up to women’? Especially in a long term relationship? Often it may seem like a losing battle and they just let her have control due to their confusion.
Hey, those men got themselves into that situation in the first place, but maybe they didn’t see it coming or didn’t realize there were other options. Maybe they just didn’t see the signs.
European women generally today are so demanding, picky and finicky more than EVER in the history of the world. Their qualities have become more like a man’s yet often exacerbated due to their more emotional nature and actions are often quite unexplainable.
Once again, am I the hardcore traditionalist who thinks a woman should be barefoot and pregnant over the kitchen sink? No.
You see...the problem with the hardcore traditionalists is that they won’t admit that  

there have been women of power or influence who have added value to all of our lives. They don’t think that ANY women should have power.
Could you imagine how boring our world would be without that? If women wouldn’t be allowed to do anything like sing, dance, work, compete or build a business?
I just can’t agree with the hardcore traditionalists on the angle that no woman should have power. If it’s up to me, hey, give more women power because I’ll be dating them short term and being friends with the rest of them BUT I just won’t marry one unless I expect drama and daily battles. There are other options for that, plus I understand the macro dynamics, how to create attraction, etc..
I want peace in my life long term because I have too much drama in what I do for work. Men have drama at work and are coming home to even greater drama. They didn’t ask for this level of stress (or did they unknowingly by marrying her?).
Marrying an independent ‘go-getter’ woman could possibly be a losing proposition for the average guy. Despite her positive attributes, if you’re married now to a strong woman, please try to make it work and be very careful with the powerful information you have now.
What you do is in your hands and I don’t recommend that you start treating her much differently just because you realize a few foundational things now. This information is more geared towards single men to get them informed on our REAL social dynamics and the implications it brings.
Of course in relationships there is love and I’m not denying that. But there is also a lot of additional baggage of drama and love/hate that men are finding out when they’re married.
Her behaviour patterns will change. Sometimes within a week after the honeymoon especially if she thinks you’re a ‘hot catch’ with a lot of money and even if you have it all ‘together’ yourself; she’ll dupe you whether intentionally or not in many cases.
Look at Scarlet O’Hara and Rhett Butler in ‘Gone with the Wind’. Same story. He had it together and she was a feisty one that withheld sex from him.
I’m a strong-minded man and no woman is going to hold me back or down in life. It just cannot and will not happen. I know what my destiny is and you could offer me Adriana Lima herself on the condition of I’d have to give up my destiny and I would without thought turn her down.  

I wouldn’t do it. Why would I get myself into a situation where anything prohibits me from completing my life goals? What kind of magnet do you think I am for women if I stand this strong? I also teach you in my work to develop your own strong lifestyle so you can’t be swayed by emotional response of the wrong paradigm.
If you choose a woman who is strong, beautiful, opinionated and independent there are GOING to be consequences; it’s a double-edged sword and after a while you may be asking what positive benefit there is at all especially once your perception of her glory fades and the other side of her comes out.
Short term, as soon as you let a woman like this ‘know how you feel’ is the time that she will stop returning your phone calls. It’s a predictable pattern.
Men today though are often questioning their role as leader of the house because of the constant demands on her part; hey, it’s just part of who she is and now you have to live with it.
It was like putting my class reunion together where I was in control but my go-getter vice president being outspoken as she is made it seem like she was doing all the work (which was great, less for me).
I’m a producer one point she went weak and of course I pulled us through in the end. But I couldn’t imagine being married to a woman like this but wussy men really are and maybe they don’t mind; it’s up to you to decide where you are.
A man will be himself and wondering what he is doing wrong (if anything)? Repression (which he didn’t know about) on the woman’s part will turn to nagging her husband. Is this natural? It is for HER. She is socially conditioned to expect a lot and she knows how to take care of herself, why should she have to listen to everything he says?
This is just pushing  husbands into a state of confusion and more wussification. They’re (understandably) questioning their own ability to lead the family when they AREN’T the problem in the first place; they’re just living with an independent woman.
And if that’s just ‘how they are’...well, I’m not going to live with that, I’m just going to go a different route and find a woman who just doesn’t come with all of the drama and baggage in the first place anywhere near that level.
Men naturally know HOW to lead a family but women today are ‘challenging’ that with their actions. The power of women has thrown the traditional paradigm of balance off in a marriage.  

Is it supposed to be 50/50? Two equal partners coming together? Hah. We only THINK it is because that’s all we’ve been taught and shown. It’s more like this 50/50 formula = 50% divorce rate.
Her behavioural characteristics are unknowingly threatening the very existence of the relationship because the man IS being himself (and trying to) in the long term relationship.
It’s her power that defies all of tradition and has thrown the balance off and people can’t figure it out. There have been a few Joan of Arc’s and Cleopatra’s throughout time but rarely like there are today in our culture.
There is no question in the Bible and I believe in all major religions that the man is the obvious predestined head of household and it’s not even to be questioned. But’s questioned by the feminists. ‘How dare women be repressed through all of time?’ which translates to our modern day ‘How dare men know their place as head of the house to keep the family together and try to tell her what to do?’
Well..that’s what’s happening.
Traditional women KNOW their role and don’t question it. They aren’t on power trips like many women in our society today (as we know why).
Our men are wussified and oppressed because of having to deal with their own wive’s more independent and mature/opinionated attributes. They were the natural leader of the house but her behaviors make them question everything.
Men should ultimately be their true self in a long term relationship and wussification isn’t letting that happen because even though a husband may be comfortable on the couch with a beer and her resentment grows into nagging, he is still being held back partly in fear of the response she will have to more of his actions, like he’s actually doing something ‘wrong’ or something.
There are different traditional roles that can be taken on so things are balanced. For example the husband can earn 90% of the income and spend 10% of his time with the kids while the wife spends 90% of the kids. 50/50 is just what we’re accustomed to in our culture. Balance in the marriage is traditionally more role focused, whereas now that ground is ‘fragile’ to walk on.
Will I start and raise a family? Yes, I want to. But for it to work, I’m going to have to get a wife who knows her biological and traditional role of taking care of the kids 90%  

of the time, cleaning, cooking and supporting me while I provide for, protect them and keep working on achieving my lifetime goals.
Imagine the train wreck or wrench just thrown into the system like so many  men are experiencing DAILY when a wife won’t do the basics of what he thought was expected of her and when does do it, she nags.
I have SEEN this. My dad’s been married several times and his latest wives would just bitch, gripe, nag and complain about anything and nothing. HE had to do the cooking because they wouldn’t.
I’ve been telling him for years that there are no options in Wisconsin. Sorry to say but around there if there are ANY good looking women they’re taken right away.
His small thinking left him limited to what was only surrounding him in a couple counties but he is now opening his mind to other options after the great drama and trauma he has suffered through while he was just being himself during marriage.
One of my friends was married to a woman that would be a witch when I was there...screaming, yelling and telling him to do things and what she’s ‘not’ going to do while he and I were working on our business.
Finally they got divorced. I just can’t imagine this level of drama in my life (100% unacceptable) or why ANY guy would want to put up with it. Divorce ISN’T supposed to happen but in our new reality it’s EASY to see why. It’s a power struggle.
If a guy can come home to a clean house and a good meal after work without hearing any drama or bickering, in today’s day and age for millions of men that would just be a sign from heaven and they would be so grateful.
What is WRONG with this picture? Nothing. That’s how it used to be. That’s how our grandparents made it work. Hmm...Oh, but watch what you say around the feminists..whatever.
I’m not going to let a group of women who have histories of failed relationships or resentment towards strong men tell me how to live what I know is universally and biologically accurate. Are you? It’s your life.
Remember who is going to give you less drama; the nagging resentful and ‘repressed’ wife at home or a wife who naturally does those things because it’s how she was brought (and more biologically accurate)?  

I’m talking about the little things. Cooking and household chores getting done WITHOUT any nagging. Is that even possible some guys ask? Of course. You probably married a strong woman though if you’re getting the nagging issue and you’re probably not doing anything wrong, just in her mind you are. It does NOT have to be like this.
You shouldn’t have to wonder “Who’s going to ‘catch it’ next”? As my dad said about one of my stepmothers who would throw kitchen utensils around and pound hammers into doors.
Whether it’s right for a more traditional woman to ‘demand’ that her husband cook or clean instead of her or that she should DEMAND more because she heard a bossy woman say she should ‘be more independent’ who herself is successful in work and other areas but has her life all screwed up in when it comes to relationships; who do you want to hear it from? Why do you think the Russian bride trend is
I speak again for women around the world in most cultures; it’s ok to want to care for their kids and stay at home and hold the fort together as her main purpose in life. I didn’t realize how admirable this is until recently.
Raising kids is no small thing...I don’t think I could deal with the time, demands, drama and stress of it (because it’s not in my nature, nor most men’s). A mother is supposed to be the primary nurturer role, and the father secondary.
What is wrong with having a woman who actually supports you, does her natural roles without complaining most of the time and gives you a massage once in a while (I can hear the feminists cringe on this one)?
Nothing. You just have to find a woman who is naturally like that. My suggestion? Go East. Far East. Because you will not find her in the U.S. unless you find an enclave of naturally traditional women that haven’t had the mainstream social influence and conditioning.
Fathers can actually enjoy raising a family, living domestically with that perfect balance that has been ‘right’ through all of the ages WITHOUT getting a divorce or having additional drama, keeping the family together if they get a wife who REALLY IS more traditional and natural in her behaviour patterns and beliefs.
Yes, they’re not as exciting or drama-ful but will allow you to be your true self. And they will be their true self because they haven’t been brought up to demand things from men. Marriage doesn’t even seem half bad when you have an option like this.

Guys, many of you are going to HAVE to look outside the boundaries which our culture has set upon you. Our media itself is so pervasive that it’s near impossible to escape it’s influence.
You can go anywhere in the world within 48 hours -ANYWHERE. You get on a plane. Step off a plane and all of a sudden you’re in a different country still holding the same carry-on bag you had when you left (it still fascinates me). It’s a refreshing break to experience women who ARE more natural and who just don’t bring the same level of expectations and drama to the table.
With traditional women, it’s not that the ‘man’ is ‘repressing’ them; they KNOW what to do as wife or mother and will respect the word of the head of the household, the man. Of course he should not abuse his role though.
Guys, there’s nothing wrong wanting to come home when you’re married after a hard day’s work and expecting food to be cooked and your wife to give you a kiss on the cheek without nagging. Actually, there is something wrong with that if you’re married to a woman who is too combatant.
It’s only been recently and because of the power our society has given women that have things changed. Yes, our men have been confused as to this power shift. The women just expect things will work out and that they’ll ‘make it work’.
But modern day man is being repressed and wussified due to these changes. What happened to tradition? Women today in  just ARE different. It’s up to YOU whether you want to live with that and feel the effects of some wussification (whether you admit it or not).
Divorce rates of  men marrying ‘foreign’ women are of course much lower than  man and woman getting divorced. Why do you think this is? Something just really IS DIFFERENT about most of the other women in the world. What’s different? They’re normal. They’re traditional. They haven’t been ‘brainwashed’ by social programming in a way.
Here’s the thing...I’ve never been attracted to the traditional western woman whose only goal was to get married and have a family. Now I really respect that like never before. HOWEVER, I’m still not interested in western women even like that for getting married too.
Ultimately yes I may have to settle for quite a bit more ‘boring’ wife (by some terms) yet one that will not bring all the B.S. drama that a guy just doesn’t need in his life.  

Wouldn’t it be nice when you’re ready to have a wife who will support you and know her traditional role because you’re playing yours?
I’m interested in international women especially from Asia now who are more traditional naturally yet to me they aren’t as boring as western traditional women. They have something different, an intriguing twist and a lot of it has to do with the black hair.
I think generally blonde women are overrated anyways. Why is there just ‘brunette’s’ and it stops there? Black haired women represent the majority of women in the world and aren’t even represented with a name in the U.S. until now; I call them ‘ravens’.
If men today could open their eyes to other options they might figure out that what would work best for them in the long run is to consider a more traditional wife who can fully allow the man to be himself and lead the family without any drama or ‘challenge’.
In today’s society in the first world (western society) though, our wussification has become so strong it affects man’s behaviour around women so that maybe he ‘thinks’ he would want a woman like this for the long run.
Think about the future and be aware of your options. Look at what’s really going on. Do you WANT to get divorced and have drama in your life? 50% is a very high number and a high probability. I want to give YOU the power of awareness so you can choose.
I understand and accept the responsibility if it comes down to it that I am speaking for millions and millions of western men. I have that courage to stand up to the media and represent us.
So if you got a major news media connection, hey let me know. you think I’m going to be afraid of ANY woman who thinks her sh*t don’t stink? No. You have to be strong in who you are as a man and not let your perception of her beauty stop you from being your true self at all points in time.
Women today want men to be like men and act like men. They don’t want men treating them like they are the world; they want you to have your own life going on. It defies biology and tradition itself for HER to be in control (today’s women won’t ‘say’ this but they know and feel it).
You have to look at her actions instead of her words. Women are just as confused as men but in different ways. They expect men to stand up and be men despite their own  

feminine empowerment which is basically on his level.
She can’t tell a man how to act; he just has to know. Wussified men are NOT acting normally or naturally and stand little chance with the hottest women.
So I guess my challenge to you is; are you going to be a man and reclaim your inherent right to power? Are you going to stop putting up with a western women’s manipulative behaviour because you finally see what’s going on and the reasoning behind all of it?
That’s up to you. Put your foot down (I’m talking to single guys). You don’t have to put up with any drama that violates your independent paradigm of reality; you don’t have time for it and don’t accept.
In short term relationships this creates attraction; long term it will lead to nagging just because of the type of woman we’re dealing with. You can’t ‘tame the shrew’ long term.
western women feel a gut level attraction to the ‘bad boy’. Why? Because he’s really the opposite balance of her in many ways even though it’s not someone she would settle down with.
These women are more likely to get involved with a bad boy because they are themselves strong and need that level of emotional and sensual ‘kick’ that is missing from their lives.
Now...healthy women from around the world will just plain STAY CLEAR AND AWAY from these bad boys because they know that they will probably abuse them. Now they may still have sexual fantasies about that and I’m with the women on that.
Just because a women may daydream of rape and the scintillating thrill that may come with it doesn’t mean that a guy should EVER rape a woman. Always, ALWAYS have consensual relations.
Would you sacrifice being yourself just so you could ‘have the pleasure of’ being around a beautiful woman? For the long term? Where’s your own dignity and self-respect? The women that you really want are attracted to men who know what they want and where they’re going.
So what is the type of man a woman would settle down with? Hopefully one that acts like a man in the sense that he is the obvious leader of the relationship. Unfortunately our women are so socially conditioned to have high expectations along with their own  

empowerment and independence that they WILL resent a man that ‘tries to hold them down’.
I don’t want to marry a woman who is as independent and developed as men because I have strong lifetime goals. Many women today will wipe a man clean and try and get all of his money. It’s in their nature and is unfortunately a very ‘first world western society’ thing.
I think there’s a balance...we offer the most value to the world in many ways but there are just as many screwed up things about our country as there are good things it seems. Litigations uncomparable to other countries, ‘victim mentality’, poverty, divorce rate, gold-diggers, etc.
You know what is really getting irritating? The way that men are now
portrayed in television on sitcoms. I don’t even fall into the trap of watching that crap. I watch movies and if I do watch t.v. it’s for an event or 1 or 2 shows I’ll follow each year.
But I’ve heard that it’s getting worse and worse.  men are being portrayed as bumbling stupid imbeciles who are weak, can’t make decisions and the women are strong and will save the day?
This is preposterous. What does this say about our nation? Where are the real men to stand up to this crap?! I will. How about you? It’s pathetic and I suppose it’s mostly women watching it (so they get even more independent) but come on..
Clear wussification.
Oh, a lot of guys have fallen into that trap though...met a beautiful woman who was everything they thought they wanted and there were sparks and romance because she was a strong ‘desirable’ woman.
Then the honeymoon is over and they realize what they’ve got themselves into and she’s happy. It was her goal to ‘snag a man’. That’s not a bad goal because it’s traditional except there’s a whole underlying subtext in which you may find yourself struggling for power, handing over more money to her than you thought you would, etc.
Independent women can provide short term passion, drama and romance at the level that more traditional women just can’t. And of course men like you and me can give them this much desired emotion and drama or fulfillment that they crave on a short term (even drama-free) basis.
The more traditional women though...they’re more stable...they have to be stable to  

raise a family properly. The downside is they’re not going to be as ‘exciting’ and this is something I’ll probably have to concede in order to have a stable, happy family where I can be myself.
Hey if you’re a guy who doesn’t have a life plan and doesn’t want might enjoy the drama that a beautiful western woman can bring to your life. She can be the light in your life but you’re going to have to suck up that energy of hers and be struggling with power or mutual decisions (and mutual arguments) all of the time.
As a man you have to have standards.
Fortunately (for many men) western women are now bending those standards
because they can now be attracted to guys that aren’t ‘at their level’ of physical appearance or beauty.
This gives average or augly guys a chance for once in history to get a hot woman.
Otherwise, traditionally it would rarely ever happen I believe in your same country unless there was a forced marriage or he was really rich.
Actually now, I’ve seen fat balding old guys get hot young women from asian countries. Now part of this attraction does have to do with money and opportunity but really the foundation is that he’ll ‘take care of her’; and that’s her way of surviving and perpetuating.
Just don’t look at the guys to judge the girls because they really are of the highest quality and those guys are keeping it a secret.
Well up until now maybe it has been a secret but if you haven’t been to Thailand you just have NO idea. No idea. I’m not just talking about bar girls either. You’ll find that the entire Thai culture is about the happiest people on earth. They have a level of
respect that I haven’t seen in most of europe.
There are hidden droves of real Thai women that aren’t bar girls who would really make perfect wives. I’m keeping a few options on the burner for when I might be ready.
Now feminists would cringe at the word ‘perfect wife’ but why? Only because they’re not going to be the perfect wife. They’ll easily complain that they don’t have the ‘perfect husband’.
That leaves something amiss with them and they can’t figure out why they ‘can’t hold a relationship’ unless it’s with a wussy guy who isn’t being his natural self either.

All of this information may shock you. It may bring to you tears. It may cause you to beat your chest and scream like Tarzan and it may change your life - really. Marriage CAN actually be a pleasant, blissful experience of harmony instead of a daily struggle of being tied down with a prison ball and chain.
Traditional marriage dynamics are what works and has through all of time. This is where a man is NOT wussified, nor is he ‘challenged’ in his role as head of the house.
Is it a long term plan? If you want to be a lifetime bachelor and stay in the US. go for it. But eventually you might want to settle down with a more emotionally stable woman who won’t continue to give you the drama.
I have an Uncle whose wife basically controls everything and he just resents it but they’re still married because they’re old time Christians who aren’t supposed to divorce.
Is THAT what marriage is supposed to be like? Millions of couples stay together
‘because of the kids’. Come on though; the marriage is that fragile? Hey feminists, women didn’t used to be ‘locked in’ they actually enjoyed their housewife role and didn’t give the drama and nagging you women do now.
If you’re getting divorced because of some of these issues. Please try to just foresee the future of what she’s going to be like and ask yourself if you can deal with it. I’ve given my dad this advice years ago and he’s still hasn’t figured it out and it’s cost him a lot of money and hardship.
Women today in western society naturally ARE more assertive it’s WHO they are. You can’t try and tame the shrew effectively long term. Shakespeare didn’t tell the rest of the story. Just understand that you’re ACCEPTING to deal with her drama by choosing an independent woman for however long with the relationship in THE FIRST PLACE.
If you go for the more traditional woman who would yes make a better wife, just try to not break her heart if she isn’t the one for you as these women are actually more ‘fragile’ than the fully independent ones.
Now, more traditional women may actually expect a lot more of you in terms of commitment. So just be careful and know when you’re ready. They’re expectations may be quite high for marriage, but I want you to have the power and choice. They may want you to marry them on even a short notice. It’s their natural instinct.

Long-Term Relational Recap
Let me revisit ‘Stepford Wives’. There is a lot going on here and I highly recommend you read the book or see the movie. Matthew Broderick plays the ‘nice guy’ husband to a strong independent wife ‘Nicole Kidman’.
Without saying, she’s wearing the pants in the family and the power is swayed her way. They move to Stepford Connecticut and without giving away all of the details, the main thing going on is this; everything seems perfect. Too perfect.
All of the wives are happy, good looking, respectful of their husbands, supportive, stay home to cook and clean, etc. All of the husbands (‘wussies’) meet at the country club. Eventually we find out that all of the husbands were ‘nice guys’ and they’re women were really strong minded.
I understand that you shouldn’t in reality change a woman who is really strong back down to the more ‘basics’. You just might have to start off with a woman who never gets all of these ideas of dominative tendencies as part of her character and psyche in the first.
Who is going to hold a better house? A nagging, complaining woman (who complains about anything and nothing) or a more traditional wifey who WANTS to play her traditional role because that’s who SHE is.
. And I’ll speak for the probably 1.5 billion housewives around the world to say that you should be proud of what you are doing. It takes a lot to dedicate yourself to raising a family and keeping house.
Unfortunately you’re not going to be able to take a developed woman and take her back down to the basics as happened in Stepford Wives by ‘taming the shrew’.
So really the answer for me and perhaps millions of other men (and men around the world) may be to not get in that losing proposition in the long term in the first place. Look beyond what a ‘catch’ SHE is and take your own power back.

We can start a movement here. We really could. We can bring back power to the  man. Then what will first world western  women do? You can take your own power back because you were MEANT to have it.
This is why our country’s so screwed up in relationships; the balance of power has tilted the other way. Women have more power than men realize and women know it too, just ultimately resent it.
It would be kind of bitter sweet for these ‘desirable’  women to run out of long term actions BECAUSE OF her own dramaful behaviour if all of the men in the western world took their own power back and looked at more reasonable options for wives...maybe THEN the women would tame down, I don’t know. But this is issue will continue.
I didn’t realize how much power women have’s more than you think. Of course it didn’t make sense to me because it didn’t seem natural but it really is true and most women know this.
They know that they can get things from men when they want by using their feminine power and beauty.
Popular culture has continued to pervade this reality. From Madonna’s “Material Girl” to Destiny’s Child “Independent Women” to even the prospect of a woman running for President (Hillary Rodham Clinton).
The feminist and feminazi’s can be all hardcore but it’s really just the first world family, marriages and the kids that are suffering because of it. Men from the first developed world are confused and know that something doesn’t seem right even though they’re doing their part naturally but their wife actually is ‘getting in the way’.
If you’re a man that hasn’t gone out of the country to try your hand with women elsewhere, try it! BELIEVE DON’T know what you’re missing. You’ll be surprised at how easy it is just to be normal and women will actually respond.
Especially in 2nd or 3rd world countries; you’ll find that mutually beneficial relationships are natural and pleasing compared to the level of drama with western women with head trips.
The dynamics have shifted and vastly changed in the first world. Women do have a lot of power. I know of a lot of families where the woman in the house DOES have the power. Really..she’s become the head and controls the money and decisions. Is it right or wrong? You can decide where you stand for yourself. Each family for themselves.  

And as long as there is a balance between the two to make decisions and work things out a marriage between two independent people could work out but with a lot of debate, compromise and consolation.
Now if you’re a western first world man and married to an independent strong minded woman am I suggesting that you all of a sudden start telling her what to do and expecting more out of her? No.
There is a balance of responsibility. I really DO think that if you can’t hire a maid, that the woman should do the cleaning and cooking and be a housewife in a marriage. If you’re single, decide where you stand on this.
In a 50/50 first world country relationship your wife may not expect to do all of these traditional roles and when she does, may grow up a building resentment towards you for just being yourself which leads to nagging. She’s not used to being treated ‘down’ (in her perception).
So many women now are like, “Don’t cross my line buddy.” Am I saying that women are supposed to be weaker? No. Just naturally as in most cultures around the world, they know what their role is to nurture the kids and stay home to take care of the house; this requires a lot of strength, perseverance and stamina.
You’re not going to find it in relationship counsellors. What a field to be in eh? Many of them have divorced as well. They grew up in this society and they can’t see beyond these walls or the big picture of what’s going on.
Bluntly put: The power our society has given to women by empowering them has led to the degradation of Biblical and traditional foundations built around the natural role of family. Families are broken. And is it because the man isn’t providing?
No, he is almost always doing his role. It’s usually because the woman is more independent than her counterpart in other countries or her great grandmother was. THAT IS WHY.
There’s nothing wrong with what has led to female empowerment except that it is the main reason why families fall apart and no one can see this. People say it’s money why people divorce. No. Money’s neutral. Money’s a tool, a thought. Most people make enough money to cover their family and surviving, hello.
It’s arguing over money. Let’s see here...independent woman who loves to shop and isn’t as ‘content’ as her counterpart great grandmother versus the husband who in  

most cases is trying to keep it together.
THE REASON FOR DIVORCE ISN’T MONEY. Like I said there’s something invisible going on that no one can see until now. It’s ‘crept’ into our entire society and way of
living. The invisible-ness is her empowerment, for better or worse (is THAT right?)
Not only that, we’ve glorified and empowered. Of course it’s expected a developed society woman will have her way because she knows how to ‘take care of herself’. Then comes the power struggle in a relationship because the man knows how to do that naturally so they bicker. And the drama ensues.
Let me say again; I love independent women because they are strong like a real man (mentally) except still feminine in their ways. I can ‘talk’ with them. They have interesting things to say. We’re on the same level in many ways.
Would I marry one? Not unless I want to bring SUPER drama into my daily life. I’m talking unnecessary drama. I am an alpha male provider and I don’t do certain things period. Someone like me should really marry someone who is my opposite and I don’t mean opposite as equal. I mean polar opposite.
So if you’re a strong male personality for the LONG TERM try and get a wifey that will not give you additional drama about the roles YOU expect her to have and do.
Do we as guys NAG and COMPLAIN to women about work and our jobs or whatever? For the most part NO. Then why in the first world if men are being men and ‘providing’ without complaining are our women just nagging and complaining about every little thing?
It IS a cultural thing. It’s so permeated into our way of living that we don’t even see it anymore. But it just hurts marriages.
A woman in the first world’s just naturally going to be harder for Her to go back to a traditional role because she wasn’t brought up in it. So much of first world marriages are a power struggle.
I strongly BELIEVE in pertaining to a father’s role that it’s more important to spend quality time than quantity time with your kids.
It’s ok to be out there providing for your family but do make sure that you do spend quality time with them and love them and create unforgettable memories. On that note, I also think it’s the wife’s role to spend ‘most of’ the quantity time. Really.

So what is the answer for a strong independent woman? My advice for Nicole Kidman is just to find a low key wussboy of a man; seriously. Because then the relationship will be balanced because she can be her independent self and the man would be willing to ‘just be there’ for her.
Ok, I know that the relationship part was kind of long but I just kept writing when I wrote it and wanted to include it. It’s important things to think about, not from a frustrated first world man’s viewpoint but from one who doesn’t accept such drama or give in to anything that would violate his own reality.
I recommend that you develop your own strong life goals and reality and instead of focusing so much energy on women, step back and let them come to you. Be selective and don’t act like you have to have sex with (and show it) every single hot girl that walks by.
So, yes the relationship material was important to look at here because there are two sides to this story here:
The Wussification of the western Male AND dealing with her power for the long run. I’ve included that information to help you get a picture that you aren’t the only one at fault (though you are accountable for who you are) if you have been acting wussy
(remember I used to be one too from pure confusion).
Women are NOT acting naturally and that is the primary cause for the behaviour pattern of wussiness in male western society. Also men are partly to blame by letting our ‘forced reality’ of added value and sexuality ‘get to them’ so much that it really DOES affect their behaviour so that they get skerred and incongruent with who they
really are any time they see a hot woman.
Ultimately, I think all of us as men have had wussy behaviors in relating to women purely because of how we were brought up in our society and culture which perpetuates a forced reality on top of the natural paradigm of attraction and mating where your true success lies. Being a wussy is unnatural; center your life on principles.
It’s your call know too much. Your aware of information most men will go their whole lives without and that which is will o�en destroy them and massively
affect their true character and strength of being a man. At least be aware and
empowered yourself. You have more self-control and power than you know of.

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